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Alternanthera reineckii ‘Mini’

R55.00 R50.00
  • Deeply red low-growing stem plant
  • One of the very few red foreground plants
  • Sets a strong colour accent

Ammannia gracilis

R55.00 R50.00
  • Colourful stem plant
  • Narrow, 7 to 12 cm long leaves
  • Upright growth habit

Bolbitis heudelotii

Time-tested, robust epiphyte Typical fern-like appearance Transparent bottle-green leaves

Bucephalandra sp. Pygmaea

Also known as 'Wavy Green ' and 'Wavy Leaf' Green leaves with wavy margin Bushy habit Grows faster than many other Bucephalandras Undemanding

Echinodorus “Amazon Sword” Large

Imposing eyecatcher in large tanks Undemanding Fast growing Recommended for discus tanks