DOOA gives a new sense of style with plants.
What does our new brand, DOOA, bring to you?
One is the layout style taking good advantage of aquatic plants’ability to grow both submersed and emersed.
And the other is a lifestyle with aquatic plants.
Since water and green are indispensable for us humans, aquatic plants with both elements naturally draw our attention.
DOOA was born as ADA explored ways to enjoy aquatic plants more freely.
Incorporate aquatic plants into your daily life.

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DOOA Jungle base 200ml

Jungle Base is a substrate material to be spread on the bottom of aquarium tanks where water tends to be

DOOA Jungle soil 700ml

DOOA – Jungle Soil (700ml) Jungle Soil is a substrate material suitable for growing plants in paludarium. Because natural black soil is used as the base combined with soil microorganisms effective for the plant growth and some anthracites, plant roots spread well, and healthy plants grow. Please use this product combined with optional Jungle Base.


  • Terra Base M is a product for keeping small orchids, ferns and moss growing in a state close to their natural environment, like tree trunks in a rainfores

DOOA Terra line

  • Dissolves under water after some time
  • Ideal for attaching mosses to rocks or driftwood
  • Inconspicuous due to its natural green colour

DOOA Wabi Kusa Mist 200ml

Foliar spray nutrients for emersed leaves of aquatic plants growing on Wabi-Kusa Walls. It enhances the color of the leaves and has some repellent effect on pests. Spray type.

Neo Glass Air – DOOA

  • Made of highly Low iron glass
  • No glued in glass parts for strutting
  • Produced by experienced craftsmen by hand