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2kg C02 Tank + C02 regulator

Combo Package: C02 tank R1500 Co2 regulator R1199 Total price R2699 Combo Price R2390   FREE SHIPPING WITHIN SOUTH AFRICA

ADA 60p cube Garden + GG Metal Cabinet + ADA Garden Mat

  • 60p cube garden
  • ADA Garden Mat
  • Glass Garden metal cabinet

ADA 60p cube Garden + Oase thermo 250 filter combo

Combo Special: ADA 60p
  • 60x30x36
  • ultra low iron glass
  • clean finish
Retail Price R3300 Oase thermo 250 filter
  • EasyClean pre-filter chamber for extremely simple filter cleaning
  • Integrated HeatUp adjustable heater for undisturbed views of the underwater world without visible technology, optimum temperature level, improved safety
  • Perfect water quality thanks to the high filter volume consisting of Hel-X and filter sponges
Retail Price: R5300 Discounted Price: R8000 Free Shipping with JHB Contact us for a shipping price out of JHB

ADA 60p full set up

ADA 60p cube Garden just add water

ADA 60p starter kit

ADA 60p cube garden starter kit

ADA 90p kit

ADA cube Garden 90p x1 ADA Solar RGB x1 ADA 9L Amazonia x 3 ADA Power Sand M x 1 90p Cabinet x1

ADA Brighty k fert Set

DECEMBER SPECIAL R1350 Green Brighty Mineral 300ml Liquid trace elements fertilizer for planted aquariums Enhances healthy growth and brilliant colours

Bacter 100+ Clear Super+ Tourmaline BC Combo

Combo Kit consisting of: Bacter 100 Clear Super Tourmaline BC Free shipping within South Africa

Co2 Art PRO-SE Series – Dual Stage Regulator with Solenoid+ 2kg Co2 tank


PRO-SE Series - New Generation of our most popular Aquarium Dual Stage CO2 Regulator.

Completely redesigned with new pressure stabilisation construction. Much larger internal springs are giving safety and precision at the highest level. Dual stage design minimise increase in output pressure as pressure drops in gas cylinder and will prevent end-tank-dump keeping your aquarium livestock safe and CO2 levels constant.
  • Safe 12V DC Integrated Solenoid Valve
  • Power adapter with universal voltage 100V-240V
  • New quality design and completely new construction.
  • Innovative design provides extreme accuracy and safety.
  • Integrated Solenoid Valve.
  • Adjustable working pressure up to +/- 40PSI (3 BAR) which makes excellent product for both Tropical and Marine Aquariums.
  • Needle valve with bubble counter included.
  • Dual gauge pressure indicators (tank volume and flow pressure / working pressure)
  • Due to Two Stages construction compatible with any size CO2 Cylinders.
  • The thread is made according to UK, Europe, Japan and Taiwan standard (BS341 / DIN477 / W21.8) or CGA320 for North America.


  • Degrades stress after trimming or due to ecological fluctuations
  • Improves the plants' immune system
  • Supports the growth of new buds