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CO2 Regulator

Double tables show clear the working condition of Co2 system Use professional Sealing technology, leakage will not be worried High quality material makes it survive common product made from general aluminum and has a longer life.
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PS-KY Y-Branch (black)

Joint parts used for delivering CO2 to multiple distributing lines. It is used when supplying CO2 into several aquarium tanks from large CO2 bottle, or placing multiple diffusers with a large tank in order to improve diffusion efficiency.

PS-SC Speed Controller Std.

  • Precise CO2 supply
  • Tubing is clamped safely thanks to push-pull connectors
  • Tubing connections are easy to undo
  • Only suitable for high pressure hoses

PS-UTT 20 20m Metallic Silver

  • Pressure-tight and CO2 resistant tubing
  • Can be cut with a household pair of scissors without effort
  • Suitable for push-pull connectors
  • Do not use for connecting glassware

ZR- DR CO2 Regulator

The ability to maintain the right levels of CO2 in your tank is key to having thriving fish and plants.